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SMP Official SMP Reset and Changelog 4-14-22
Started by FuniverseMinne

Quite a few of you have been patientally waiting for the SMP reset to come. Well I'm glad to say it is here along with some changes! I'll keep this short so here is the list:

  1. BetterTeams has been removed
  2. GriefPrevention and GriefPrevention Dynmap have been added to the server
    • You'll start off with 100 blocks and can accrue 100 every hour. Accrued limit is 5000 blocks.
    • You can make a claim using a gold shovel and you can inspect claims using a stick.
    • Claims will appear on the Dynmap, you'll have to go into the layers menu and enable them.
  3. The Nether roof is now off limits due to compatibility issues with Bedrock Edition. You can still go on the Nether roof but will not be able to mine/build on it.

A few notes just for clarification:

  1. AutoCraft is still on the server and unchanged.
  2. BlockLocker is still on the server and unchanged.
  3. We've gone with generating a new world instead of using a custom map.

We appreciate the patience everyone has had recently especially with development being slow. We hope this resparks some of your interest in BAIT!

<img alt="" src="https://i.imgur.com/ofmp0Xk.png?1" /> <span style="font-size:24pt;"><em><strong>Hail Funiverse!</strong></em></span>