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Skyblock Official Skyblock V1 Release: 3-1-22
Started by FuniverseMinne

A bit late posting this but better late than never:

Greetings Skyblock Players!
We're finally here with the V1 release after like a month of constant development! It's been a long process, starting back a year ago for some of you but we've made it over the biggest issues so far and can finally start getting some player testing done. As for development side, I can say that my skills and abilities have improved and you all can expect more soon. Anyways, enough with that, here is a list of all the new stuff you can find in Skyblock:
(I'm a bit short on time right now so I can't provide pictures, but you can always hop on to see!)

Updated Hub
While this hub isn't fully new for some of you, it is actually completed. You can find all server shops as well as a portal to a new island!

Resource Island
This is definitely a big one. In previous version of Skyblock a good chunk of complaint came from having to grind out a cobblestone generator at the start. I've made this much less painful as most early resources can be gathered from this island!

Player Shops
In my original vision for BAIT Skyblock I wanted to make it a focus for players to buy and sell from each other. Obviously I have added this into the game. To make a shop just hold the amount of whatever item you want to sell (To sell 16 cobble, you hold 16 cobble in your hand) and punch a chest with it. You'll then be asked to provide a price in the chat and your done!

There have also been a ton of smaller improvements and changes to Skyblock that I won't be listing here but instead I'll also give you a list of things that didn't quite make it for V1 but will be released in the coming months:

Nether Hub
This will be one of the main ways you progress. This hub will offer more shops and possibly additional features. (I'm thinking possibly some sort of stock market thing)

Combat Arena
Given the name, this area will be for PVP. Items and money will both be potentially lost/gained here.

Leaderboard Island/Palace
I'm not sure if I want to make a full island for this or not yet, but here will be various stats and leaderboards for Skyblock.

I'm glad to see a lot of you enjoying Skyblock and I hope some of the future additions get you excited. Hope you all continue to have fun!

<img alt="" src="https://i.imgur.com/ofmp0Xk.png?1" /> <span style="font-size:24pt;"><em><strong>Hail Funiverse!</strong></em></span>