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Official Website QOL, Ticket System updates coming, and New Modules!
Started by Superninjaman013

Hello, Once Again All!

While a lot of development has occurred lately over on the server-side of things, we've also seen some new improvements to the website, ranging from small quality of life changes to significant additions like Chatbox and Socialize. 

Starting with the minor stuff, Funiverse and I have been running up and down the website configuration files tweaking the little things to improve the site. Some of this is in regards to SEO/Analytics so that we can be better found with a google search. Others are simple things like a default custom profile picture or a link to the new discord server. While we've dedicated a lot of time to this, there's still a lot to do, and more changes will likely be made over the coming weeks!

Another big piece to the website is an updated ticket system! The one we used previously seems to have been discontinued, but a new contender entered the ring offering more customization and optimization. While we haven't fully rolled out this feature, Funiverse has been hard at work, and our testing has shown some much-improved results. Once this feature is ready, we will do a separate post to highlight it; in the meantime, sign up for the website; this is the best way to have your voice heard. As tickets, suggestions, bugs, etc., are better recorded by the website than the discord.

Finally, we are introducing two new modules! Chatbox and Socialize! The goal of these modules is to broaden the sense of community on our website. With Chatbox, most web pages will allow you to chat similar to discord with other online members. We are also introducing Socialize, a new way to show off builds, start discussions, and prevent your topics from being lost.

More to follow,

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