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Skyblock Official Which NPC shop mechanic would you rather have?
Started by FuniverseMinne

After the long break of BAIT development I can confirm that Skyblock has been getting worked on in the background for awhile now. I'm trying to do some major reworks and finalization of mechanics that are already in the game. I'm currently going over NPC shops right now and before I start doing any big changes with them I want to know what you guys would prefer.

Option 1 - You can sell items that the NPC will only accept at varying prices per NPC (Example: You can sell wheat to the Farmer but not to the Miner). This offers to potential of having NPC with better trades later in the game or even hidden ones with better trades. This also allows me to make a player economy more useful as certain items can be limited to crafting or player trading. This is what Skyblock currently has.

Option 2 - NPCs will buy any items at a fixed price across the entire Skyblock server (Example: You can sell wheat to the Farmer and the Miner and the price will not be different). This would make selling items far easier as you could just go to any NPC but there would be no advantage in finding a specific NPC or hidden NPC for a better selling price. This also can significantly reduce the usefulness of a player market as players would have to compete with the NPC prices as well as some players selling to NPCs regardless if someone has a better price.

Aside from that I'll also give you guys a bit of an idea for what will come either with the new update to Skyblock or shortly after. First, the Hub will be slightly modified and updated to have more shops. It'll also have portals to two new islands, the Combat Arena and Resource Island, though these islands may not be with the reopening of Skyblock. Second, the Nether will now act as a second Hub where players can explore and discover new mechanics to Skyblock. I won't go into too much detail as the Nether is by far the most unfinished of these two but will bring some of the coolest things to the table.

I appreciate the patience of those of you who've stuck around this long and I welcome all the newcomers to the server. Any and all feedback is appreciated here and hopfully I'll see you guys on Skyblock soon!

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ill pick 1