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Skyblock Feature An itty bitty little wishlist for future NPC vendors
Started by Open - 12

  1. A butcher/rancher, willing to buy your raw meat and other animal drops (such as leather and wool) and sells cooked meat
  2. A black smith that will buy blocks of Iron, gold and copper (may or may not also buy the cut variant for a slightly larger price) and sell iron and gold tools
  3. An Architect that will only be buying building blocks such as brick (could also accept the nether brick and its red variant) stone brick, deepslate bricks, terracotta and other things I may not be thinking about
  4. An artist that will buy flowers (along with other items that can be turned into dyes) and sell the full spectrum of dyes

Maybe an explorer could be added so the player could get certain unobtainable items like hearts of the sea, cocoa beans, dripstone, etc.


All good ideas, for the most part I want to leave more of the advanced items like bricks for players to sell/buy themselves but I do like the Butcherer idea and I've been thinking about replacing the Miner with a Blacksmith.

Explorer would also work as I have the ability to put other limits onto items like only being able to buy 1 per day for more advanced items.

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