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Skyblock Official Skyblock Season 3: 8/18/21
Started by FuniverseMinne

Greetings Everyone!

If it was not obvious that Skyblock has been reset a few times over the last couple of days then you haven't been playing it and that makes me sad. But either way those resets should be done until next season as everything that required me to do them should be finished. Not all S3 features are in yet but will be added over the next few weeks. I'm also expecting to expand spawn more and more soon so look forward to that!

Not a whole lot to go over so sorry for anyone who likes to read a novel's worth of an update. Hope every enjoys the game!

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<img alt="" src="https://i.imgur.com/ofmp0Xk.png?1" /> <span style="font-size:24pt;"><em><strong>Hail Funiverse!</strong></em></span>

can confirm, neat stuff is here now

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