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Official Huge Towny Upgrades, Databases, and Permissions
Started by Superninjaman013

Paper has officially released their candidate and is rapidly updating it to production status. Our last big hold out was essentials 1.17 which has now been released. While we switch out plugins on our final approach to 1.17. I figured a distracting is in order and I’d update you on SOME of the big changes coming to the server. In this post, I will be going over what you can soon experience and what's happening in the background.

To start, Towny is receiving a large expansion called lands. This update brings a ton of new features like taxes, better role management, area/sub-area management, and physical graphics in-game. These items will help better show borders as well as naturally hooking into our dynmap software (which can be found here http://baitgaming.ddns.net:8124/). On top of this, it all operates in a graphic menu rather than based on commands, so you'll be able to easier control and take advantage of everything. I don't want to give everything away, but we aren't far from players being able to test it themselves.

On top of these updates to Towny, we have been doing a ton of work on our database and permission system. Hopefully soon, we will return to a global permission system rather than server-based. Giving way to moderators, administrators, and builders. While you won’t see many exciting things from this. It will give us a much-increased security boost as well as better performance. We will be doing something similar with coreprotect, which is much worse as it tracks every block change by players on every server. Given Minecraft Java Edition’s inefficient code being designed around a single-threaded process. This is just some of the much-needed optimization work. 

In my next update will take a closer look at Hub, Uregions, Perms Overhaul, and New Shops.

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